Cuentacuentos: El Grúfalo

Here’s a video project for my study course: a story telling in Spanish of the book “The Gruffalo”, by Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler, first published by MacMillan in 1991.



Tap here to land on the book official web page.


The caterpillar project (just another easy craft)


Another craft made out of recycling materials! You just need some drinkable yogurt caps (these are from Kaiku-Benecol), pipe cleaners and googly eyes. Enjoy it!


My Snowman 2 goes on holiday


Meet Snowman 2 (a bit more posh than my first snowman craft)…he’s enjoying his holidays in a luxuriant jungle.


Snowman out of recycled materials – easy & cheap

 Here below you can find what you need to entertain your young ESL students and craft your own indoor snowman (in the classroom, at home, wherever you feel warm and comfy):

  • an empty drinkable yogurt bottle (for the body)
  • a napkin filled with any soft material, eg a cotton ball (for the head)
  • a colorful pipe cleaner (for the scarf)
  • a juice cap (for the hat)
  • permanent markers to draw details (eyes, mouth, nose, arms and buttons)
  • your imagination and creativity!

Name that song!


ESL: Celebrate Thanksgiving with this trivia!

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving Trivia by

…leave a comment if you need any answer key 😉