You’re visiting my webpage/blog/blogfolio that constitutes a starting point for some projects I’ve got on my mind. My main goals are introducing myself, sharing my teaching and translating experiences and launch language courses with personalized English and Italian lessons on Skype. I’d love to meet you and know what brought you to this site. Find my contact details above (click on the gear button you see on the top right) and choose the way you like to connect!

To give a little background…I’m a teacher and translator working in/between English, Spanish and Italian. I was born and raised in Italy, educated in English and, after traveling and working in different EU countries for some years,  I’ve been living in Spain for a couple of years now. I’d love to turn my passions into real business projects and that’s why I took the leap and started the blog. The next steps will be creating some catchy (I’ll do my best) marketing materials, explore and expand my social networks through new posts, publish a multilingual version on this web and complete the collection of lessons I’ve already made and tested with students. Many sections of this web are still under construction, but I’m working hard to give you what you’re looking for.

For a quick presentation, visit my About.me page.

Feel free to add me on your social networks (just click on the share buttons below). Do not hesitate to get in touch for any query, quote or question.

I really look forward to hearing from you!

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