Here’s below a list of my favorite resources for learning, improving and practicing languages. Enjoy 😉


Rachel’s English has a collection of more than 300 free videos about American English pronunciation.

English with Jennifer offers video lessons and teaching tips. has hilarious videos about grammar and pronunciation. is an endless resource for videos and speeches about a great variety of topics and ideas worth spreading.

FOR BABIES, TODDLERS & KIDS shares tons of songs and materials for young learners. Matt is just fabulous creating catchy melodies for teaching English! offers a lot of songs and teaching ideas, especially for babies and toddlers. They share lots of resources as flashcards and craft ideas.

CONNECTING WITH PEOPLE (the only way you really learn a foreign language, while traveling or not)

The Mixxer a free educational website for language exchanges via Skype. I recommend you to fill out your profile and then look for a partner who is interested in learning your first language. No automatic match is available, so be patient and persevere!

WeSpeke is an open platform for language exchanges.

Couch Surfing a free hospitality community where you can find hosts and travelers from all over the world. You need to share and put into practice the core idea of this project: you don’t find hostels for free here.


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